Home Networking

Kyle Davis <fandelem@hotmail.com>

November 2000

How to set up a home network using the following: Redhat 6.x as server, 56k modem, with windows 98 workstations/clients. I will explain the following as well: PMFirewall, InternetJunkbuster, DHCP, Portsentry, a script that will keep your server online 24/7 and also update your dynamic DNS entry if you wish to have one. This will result in a server that will assign IP addresses to your workstations, protect you to a certain extent from intruders, a proxy server, and 24/7 connectivity to allow you to telnet, ftp, ssh, etc into your server.

1. Introduction

2. Step One

3. Step Two

4. Step Three

5. Step Four

6. Step Five

7. Step Six

8. Step Seven

9. Additional Documents (that I've written or others have contributed)

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